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You don’t need an endless supply of clothes to create innumerable unique looks. Our expert Style Assistants can help you select a compact variety of individual items (jackets, trousers, shirts) that can be combined in different ways to generate up to 60 or even 120 individual outfits, NONE OF WHICH IS THE SAME AS ANOTHER! With our style-genius Smart Capsule Packages, you’ll get excellent value-for-money, an effortless and lightweight wardrobe and so much more free time.

All you need to do is visit us, share your tastes, demands, and vision for your multi-faceted wardrobe and leave it to us to materialise your every custom-made desire

Ultimate Wardrobe Of 60 LOOKs, Loro Piana Fabrics

  • At Gentleman & Dandy, we proudly using Loro Piana fabrics for most of our garments. Why? Because Loro Piana spent most of the century researching and developing fabrics and technics to ensure the best of the best of your everyday outfit. Because we guarantee you the ultimate row materials and craftmanship. Because of styling & quality matters. Ultimate luxury 

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