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Gentleman & Dandy; two different philosophies, with men’s style as their meeting point.

This is what the concept of Gentleman & Dandy has revolved around.

On the one end, the Gentleman. A man who knows the rules of proper behavior and takes heed of his appearance so that it may always be impeccable and in agreement with the demands of every occasion. Always up to the point that is universally acceptable.

Then again, we find the Dandy. An elusive term, born in the early 19th century, it expresses an absolute reversal in men’s style. The Dandy was the rock star of his era, the man who provoked the old and bewitched the young. Τhe Dandy deconstructed men’s style by transforming it into a medium for self-expression.

Every single one of his looks is a creation, a work of art.

For him, aesthetics are his religion and he is willing to practice it without any limitations, entirely free from any shackles.


But can a man be both a gentleman and a dandy?

This distance between the Gentleman’s "as much as is acceptable" to the Dandy’s "as much as I want" is what GD aims at bridging.

Armed with fine aesthetics, user-friendly layout and an array of subjects, Gentleman & Dandy bookmarks all the things that men and women of style would like to bookmark. A site that is a destination and a starting point for all those who love life, style, women, fine things and new experiences. For all those who are weary of the everyday routine and seek the unique in everything they do. For all those who love creating new things, opening new paths, discovering new experiences. For all those who do everything in style, in their own personal style.


Ultimately, a place for all the men -and all the women- who lead lives filled with passion.

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