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Loro Piana - Ultimate Luxury & Softness

Tradition, quality, innovation, luxury, design, responsibility, ultimate softness, good taste.

Experience the ultimate fabrics collection and the unique craftsmanship at Gentleman & Dandy Boutique and take advantage of the all year round special offers in the latest of fashion trends.

At “Gentleman & Dandy we work only with the best high-end luxury textile Brands. Factories that traditionally collaborate with the top international luxury fashion brands and the industry of men/women handmade garments, with superb materials of outstanding quality, high-tech manufacturing technique and tradition which passed from generation to generation


Loro Piana


Loro Piana is an Italian clothing company specializing in high-end, luxury cashmere and wool products.

Originally from Trivero, North Italy, the Loro Piana family started as merchants of wool fabrics at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In the second half of the century, the family moved its activity to Valsesia and founded the Lanificio Fratelli Lora e Compagnia, followed by Lanificio di Quarona di Zignone & C. at the beginning of the 20th century. Loro Piana was established in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana. In the post-war period his nephew, Franco took over the company and moved it into the international high fashion markets, with shops in the global fashion capitals, where all famous personalities are dressed.

Through six generations Loro Piana has continued to produce luxury goods using the world’s nest, raw materials. Today the house can source its raw products from all around the world, ensuring that they have the best quality possible. These treasures are then crafted in Italy to produce clothing that moulds to the body and offers complete comfort for the wearing. Loro Piana is about touch. There is no way to truly describe the sensation of its products through words, which is why they invite all of their customers to their stores to embark on sensory experience, discovering the world’s nest wool and cashmere.

A company that is considered to represent today the best of the best in textiles worldwide.

Discover the world of luxury, discover Loro Piana and take advantage of our state of the art made-to-measure and ready-to-wear garments.

Free Delivery and Exclusive Gift Packs to all orders.

Storm & Rain System fabric, Vicuña - Baby Cashmere, Pecora Nera and many, many more.

The excellence of luxury!

Ermenegildo Zegna


Since Ermenegildo Zegna decided to make use of his father Angelo’s looms in 1910, the brand has been in the care of its founding family. What began as one man’s passion to create the finest textiles with the purest of fibres has evolved into a global luxury group, with a product offering that includes fabrics used by much of the luxury sector, ready-to-wear lines, accessories, eyewear and fragrances. An early entrant into China and Africa, Ermenegildo Zegna has over 550 mono-brand stores and revenue that stands in the billions, making it the largest menswear brand in the world.

But whilst the years have passed and markets have been entered and won, and the structure of the business has progressed, the Zegna family has remained a constant guiding force, and the family nature of the business its core tenant.


Holland & Sherry

From its conception, over 170 years ago, Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands with the finest cloth. In 1836 Stephen George Holland & Frederick Sherry began the business as woollen merchants at 10 Old Bond Street, London, specialising in both woollen and silk cloths. 1886 saw Holland & Sherry moved premises to Golden Square, at the time the epicentre of the woollen merchanting trade.


Holland & Sherry is constantly engaged in research for ever finer and more luxurious fibres and fabric qualities; sourcing the finest natural fibres, ranging from super 200’s with cashmere to pure worsted Vicuña. Cloths are woven in a time-honored way by generations of craftsmen to assured quality and good taste. A bespoke tailored garment in luxury Holland & Sherry cloth is truly an investment and always a pleasure to wear.

Vitale Barberis Canonico

The Barberis family traces its evolvement in the textile business back to 1663. For over three centuries without a break, this remarkable family has maintained an unshakable commitment to the business, creating strong ties with the world of fashion. Today, it is the largest producer of high-quality cloths in all of Italy.


Considered by many to be one of the best mills in England, France, Italy and Spain combined! Men love their custom suits made from fabric woven by Vitale Barberis Canonico. 


Sophisticated materials, high-end production and strong links to its land of origin – these are the values that for over 150 years have been the hallmark of the Reda wool factory throughout the world. 


Reda’s story began in 1865, when Carlo Reda’s passion for wool and his business acumen drove him to transform the small mill located at Valle Mosso, in Biella province, into a large wool factory. During the following years, with the management being taken over by successive generations, the business grew and continual investments in technological innovation made Reda a reference point for the textile sector for clothing and Italian suit, jackets and trousers production. Although its natural outlet was in international export, the company chose to keep the factory and the whole production chain centred in the Biella hills, where the culture and the manual processing of wool have been kept alive and passed down by local artisans through the generations.

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