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Best fashion mega-brands

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

Andre Gide


Unsurpassable style and top quality at prices that you have never imagined that a made-to-measure garment made especially for you would cost. Men's garments that outdo ready-to-wear (even from famous brands) made just for you, with your personal selection, through a wide variety of fabrics, weavings and details. 


Every man writes his own story. A story that is personal, unique, exceptional. Just as his personal style ought to be. 


And nothing is as exceptional as a handmade piece of clothing, specially tailored for each man. This is why we created Gentleman & Dandy. A club for handmade, made to measure clothing, a club of friends, which brings the European tradition of tailoring at your doorstep and aspires to turn it into an everyday pleasure for every man who appreciates style.


This is because we believe that elegance does not depend on the label found on a garment. Elegance is not a logo. Elegance is neither expensive nor fashion. Elegance is a piece of clothing that flatters you because it has been made especially and exclusively for you. A piece of clothing that is approachable, so that it can have its place in your everyday style. Made with the finest fabrics of the top world brands, in accordance with the English and Italian traditional aesthetic principles and with absolute immersion in every detail. Made with a deep knowledge of and obsession with quality and craftsmanship. Made with unrelenting tracking of all the latest developments and techniques, as they are formed in the global capitals of style.


A made-to-measure piece of clothing that expresses your personal choices in terms of style, no matter how peculiar they might be, without creating barriers and following obsolete rules. 


At the same time, another innovation of Gentleman & Dandy is the Free personal consultancy service, where we guide you, based on our long-term experience and our constant information in the field of fashion and made to measure in creating apparel that points out your characteristics that make your appearance unique.


This is the world of Gentleman & Dandy. 

A world filled with personal choices and endless possibilities.


Just like every man’s own story.

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