Combine designer cool with classic details in a perfectly-fitted suit that tells the world you mean business - whether you are a businessman or not. Regardless of your lifestyle or profession, the business suit is an essential wardrobe item to take you confidently through any situation when you want to establish your authority with enviable elegance. We choose for you an exceptional fineness of the raw material, precious lots of Merino wool of only 15 microns, makes it possible to create a lightweight fabric which is extraordinarily soft and flowing. Loro Piana Wish ®️ is ideal for formal suits which can be worn year-round.

Except this one, you could choose amongst almost 3000 luxurious Loro Piana fabrics & trimming materials to suit every occasion, season and temperament to create an entirely comfortable feel and an utterly commanding presence at once.

Blue With White Stripes, Loro Piana Wish ®️ Super 170's Fabric, 3pcs Suit