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There is no item as versatile as the white shirt - this timeless staple can literally be worn with everything, from casual to formal, and usually does nothing but upgrade your look. White is a colour of brightness, light, truth, peace and neutrality - it can serve as a sharp, clean contrast to any other colour or pattern or as the blank canvas that you can build upon with other clothes and accessories. Our Sur Measure service offers over 100 different luxury white fabrics materials for making your perfect shirt - an item that every man should ideally have a handful of. As white can boldly reflect your presence, it’s important that it fits you perfectly, and that the tone you choose matches your colouring

The Crisp White Shirt

  • At Gentleman & Dandy, we make things different. We "Think Different". Take advantage of our Sur Measure Service without moving from the comfort of your house or office. Relax and we take care of everything for you.

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