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This is the most versatile item in your wardrobe and therefore the most representative of your style identity Calls out to be used as the central piece for almost any look you wish to create. Choose a deluxe material like silk, or sumptuous cashmere, high-brow corduroy or fine linen or simple a one of a kind merino wool from Australia most well known sheep’s, to create a special effect in ever-day life - every day! Add to that your own choice of lining, details such as the collar, pockets and buttons and cuff and the select the cut you feel best defines your style to attain your Sur Measure ultimate jacket. Keep it neutral so that it can be dressed up or down and for different kinds of occasions and you have a serious winner.

Navy Blue Loro Piana Double-Breast Wool Slim-Fit Jacket

  • At Gentleman & Dandy, we proudly using Loro Piana fabrics for most of our garments. Why? Because Loro Piana spent most of the century researching and developing fabrics and technics to ensure the best of the best of your everyday outfit. Because we guarantee you the ultimate row materials and craftmanship. Because of styling & quality matters. Ultimate luxury

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