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The secret of the ultimate made-to-measure tailoring is the use of the finest fabrics and the combined experience that our team of artisans possesses. We make each design entirely by using the right ratio of machine and hand finish and we go to great lengths to ensure everything is perfectly finished.

White luxury cotton trousers are one of the most classic choices a man could make, which makes our Gentleman & Dandy's trousers a reliable addition to your wardrobe. They're tailored in a slim profile and have side adjusters and unfinished hems so you can perfect the fit of the waist and break. Wear them with almost any jacket but to be perfectly dressed don't forget to check our New Arrivals.

Luxurious White, Loro Piana Fabric, Cotton Slim-Fit Trousers

  • At Gentleman & Dandy, we proudly using Loro Piana fabrics for most of our garments. Why? Because Loro Piana spent most of the century researching and developing fabrics and technics to ensure the best of the best of your everyday outfit. Because we guarantee you the ultimate row materials and craftmanship. Because of styling & quality matters. Ultimate luxury

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