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Gentleman & Dandy is a boutique luxury fashion brand based in Athens, London, Zurich & Costa Navarino Resort, that offers a wide selection of Sur-Measure and Ready-To-Wear menswear, Vintage watches & collectibles.

It is dedicated to celebrating the contemporary stylish men who buy effortless high-end luxury, custom made to their needs.

Highly specialized craftsmanship and innovative techniques go together with state-of-the-art luxury fabrics by Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna and many other leading fabric designer brands.

We provide our clients with creative design solutions combined with the latest, most innovative and high-end materials and extraordinary styling beauty.

Why come to us? Because you will wear the best of the best, most high-end luxury, custom-made products while staying within your budget!

Get what you deserve: ultimate service, quality, personalization & excellent price


Iconic, timeless and inimitable, Gentleman & Dandy is a brand that honors the mythical Italian style. We tailor our services according to your individual needs and lifestyle. 

Welcome to our world!


Welcome to Gentleman & Dandy

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